Chemical and Acid Resistance Chart

Use this table as a guide to compare the properties of Prokem industrial flooring, bund linings, acid resistant tiling, anti-slip flooring and wall products. If you require detailed information about any product or the solution to any specific issue, please contact us using the online form or call on 0114 289 9281 or 07713 856433.

Green indicates the product is resistant, red indicates it is not resistant.

Chemicals and Product Resistance



Procote CR

Procrete CR-SL


30% Nitric Acid        
40% Nitric Acid        
50% Nitric Acid        
20% Chromic Acid        
30% Chromic Acid        
20% Sulphuric Acid        
70% Sulphuric Acid        
96% Sulphuric Acid        
98% Sulphuric Acid        
10% Formic Acid        
30% Formic Acid        
50% Formic Acid        
10% Acetic Acid        
85% Acetic Acid        
37% Hydrochloric Acid        
50% Phosphoric Acid        
80% Phosphoric Acid        
100%  Phosphoric Acid        
Methylene Chloride        
20% Ammonia        
100% Ammonia        
30% Hydrogen Peroxide        
100% Hydrogen Peroxide