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Acid & Chemical resistant product industry updates.

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  • Storing Acids ? We Can Help...

    Do you have to store a varying range of acids onsite for your business? If so, then we can help you and here at Prokem, we specialise in providing a fantastic range of acid bung and tank farm linings. This will ensure that the acid is stored safely whilst not causing corrosion and extensive damage. more details ]
    21 apr
  • Workplace Safety - Anti Slip Floor Paint

    It's extremely critical that if you own or manage a industrial unit that you implement the correct steps to ensure that all of your staff are safe and reasonably free from harm.  This is not just for their safety but also to protect your business. more details ]
    18 mar
  • Benefits of Procote CR Floor Coating

    Procote CR is one of the leading products we use to protect your flooring as it's resistant to aggressive chemicals and 98% resistant to Sulphuric acid. This means that if you work in an industrial unit which deals with aggressive chemicals then you can be sure that your floor will be protected with Procote CR. more details ]
    20 feb
  • Chemical Resistant Tiling from Prokem

    Are you looking for chemical resistant tiling ? Then we're pleased to say that you've come to the right place. If you own an industrial unit which requires specialist chemical resistant tiling, then we can make sure that the work is carried out within the quickest time possible, whilst ensuring the most thorough of jobs is undertaken. more details ]
    20 jan