Do I Need Acid Corrosion Protection ?

Thursday 23rd July 2015

Acid and Chemical resistant coatings are implemented in business premises for certain industries in order to ensure the safety of the workforce and to provide corrosion protection for the flooring. It’s also important to use this type of flooring in industries where chemicals are used heavily as the costs to repair or replace damaged flooring can often be high.

Prokem are a specialist company providing the best chemical resistant coatings to a range of clients in many different industries. Reliability and durability is always at the forefront of the design and installation of our products.

Trusted Suppliers of Chemical Resistant Coatings

Here at Prokem we have a huge portfolio of work and you can see the range of jobs that we’ve carried out in the case studies area of the site. With all of our work, we find the right product that suits the unique needs for your business.

The specialists are able to provide support and advice on the best chemical resistant coatings to suit your individual needs and will also install it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Prokem have clients from the UK and worldwide and take great pride in ensuring each project is completed with the upmost care and attention. You can find out more about the products offered online.