Improve Health & Safety with Bund Linings

Saturday 20th June 2015

Reduce the risk to staff and premises

Nowadays, companies are bombarded with health and safety messages aimed at reducing the risk to staff, the public and the environment and to create a climate of responsibility. In following the Health and Safety Executive and complying with CDM regulations it will hopefully ensure that people will design and construct with safety and hazard awareness at the forefront of every project.

A lot is said about health and safety becoming all-consuming but a vast majority of it is common sense. The crux of it is being switched on to realise the risk involved in all parts of a job and minimising the chance of running into a hazard. A designer can be vital to this process paying attention and being receptive to the fact that small changes can reduce the risk to workers.

Find a chemical resistant coating to suit your needs

A simple example of being proactive in designing hazard reduction is the introduction of a bund for any piece of equipment that will contain oil or chemicals, that if released into the local area will damage not only the people in the immediate vicinity but also the local environment. A further step in ensuring their effectiveness is to apply coatings to the chemical bund.

Prokem Ltd are one of the market leaders in providing chemical bund coatings to a number of industries and have great experience in advising and installing chemical resistant coatings and surfaces.

We have a range of chemical resistant coatings that can be applied to the floors and surfaces within a range of industries. We can offer advice on the type of chemical resistant coatings that will suit your business and industry.

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