Decapol HF

Food Industry Flooring

The outstanding industrial flooring system for the food industry and the best choice of flooring for many industries.

Decapol HF provides specifiers and end-users with a proven track record of performance and reliability on which to select, with absolute confidence, a complete floor coating.

Decapol HF has higher all-round strength than conventional floor coatings which means Decapol HF is excellent areas for heavy truck and trolley traffic, and where high resistance to high impact and heavy point loading is required.


Very High Mechanical Resistance
No Taint Hazard
All Components Are Incombustible
High Slip Resistance, Matt or Monolith Surface
Anti Slip Flooring

In wet areas, regular washdown locations, and areas soaked with oil and grease, Decapol HF exhibits an extremely high slip resistance and ease of cleaning which is maintained throughout the service life of the floor.

Chemical Resistance

Decapol HF is not affected by Alkalis such as caustic soda and potassium hydroxide, except in very concentrated form.
Temperature Stability
In operation, Decapol HF is stable at high and low temperatures and is suitable for exposure to hot water and steam.
Concrete repairs
Decapol HF has excellent impermeability and is not affected by washing, power scrubbing and high-pressure steam cleaning. It can be supplemented with a compatible screed to provide drainage falls and improve surface flatness.
Available in a range of colours

light grey
mid grey

Especially suitable for: dairies, acid plants, pulp industries, battery rooms, breweries, juice factories, chromate, nickel and zinc plating plants etc.