Oxypaint SF

Epoxy floor coating for heavy forklift traffic

Oxypaint SF is a new product from Prokem specially formulated for floors that are subjected to heavy fork lift traffic. Its two-pack solvent free glossy characteristics also make it the ideal epoxy floor coating for a wide range of industrial applications.

Oxypaint SF Floor is a top coat with structured aspect for industrial floors (on top of a suitable primer or old intact epoxy self-levelling application), which is, thanks to the colour dispenser system, available in a lot of colours. Therefore Oxypaint SF Floor is used just as well for lineation and floor signage. 

Oxypaint SF Floor is characterized by the following properties:

-          High abrasion resistance

-          Very good resistance against softening caused by car tyres

-          Good chemical resistance (depending on type and duration of chemical load)

-          Very good water resistance

-          Solvent free

Note: Oxypaint SF Floor cannot be applied on vertical surfaces.

Type of binder

Bisfenol A epoxy resin in combination with modified cycloaliphatic polyamine.


Only the RAL colours starting from base A, B and C.


Glossy > 80% (Gardner 60°)

Technical data

·         Density : 1.49 (± 0.05 kg/L (A + B))

·         Solids content : 100 % in weight, 100 % in volume

·         Mixing ratio : 1/1 in volume, 63/37 in weight (1.70/1)

·         VOC : 0 g/L

·         Potlife : Max 40 min. (at 20°C)

Remark: higher temperatures will lead to a shorter potlife, lower temperatures will lead to a longer potlife.

Theoretical yield: The yield depends of the roughness and structure of the surfaces and is 8 mÇ/L (80-100 micron dry layer thickness).  The practical yield can largely be influenced by the roughness and porosity of the substrate, the applied layer thickness or the losses by airless application.

Remark: the dry layer thickness, applied by layer (with roller) is about 80 to 100 micron

For full technical data please download the data sheet (below). Prokem are experienced in the installation of various industrial flooring solutions, including chemical and acid resistant flooring . Browse our full range of products across the site. 

Note: The product is incorrectly titled Oxpaint SL on the data sheet, the data is for Oxypaint Solvent Free (SF)