Prokem Epoxy Concrete

Product Description

Prokem Epoxy Concrete is a versatile, trowel applied, three component Epoxy resin-based deep section screed/mortar. The product is supplied in a 'natural' or concrete grey colour, and may be sealed or topped with any of the range of Epoxy coatings or screeds as required.

Typical Uses

As a deep section protective screed for floor areas subject to impact, abrasion or chemical spillage.

As an economical, fast curing in-fill screed/mortar prior to the application of the final floor finish.

As a thick section Epoxy bedding mortar for kerbs etc.


Ease of application
Fast curing characteristics
Hard wearing and durabl
Taint free
Frost resistant and impervious to water
Negligible shrinkage even in thick section