Vinylester Mortar

Product Description

Vinylester is high performance vinylester-based acid resistant material designed to provide the maximum resistance to aggressive chemical environments. It is typically provided in two-component format comprising, a vinylester solution and a catalysed filler powder, which can be altered, with varying granulometry to suit required thickness and application

Typical Uses

Vinylester is one of the most corrosion resistant materials on the market. It is an extremely flexible material that can be installed as a coating, membrane, or mortar, depending on the job requirements. This versatility allows for its installation in a number of applications such as; general tiling / masonry work, trenches, pits, floors, walls, plinths, tanks and storage areas.


Vinylester provides resistance to the majority of concentrated oxidising acids, such as nitric acid to 50%,  sulphuric acid to 75%, hydrochloric acid to 36%, phosphoric acid to 85%, sodium hydroxide to 50% and sodium hypochlorite. It is also resistant to hydrofluoric acid (with carbon-based filler, contact ACCS Ltd for further details) and a large number of concentrated alkalis and salts.