Bund Linings

What is a bund?

A bund is effectively four walls and a base surrounding an area and/or storage tank where hazardous substances such as fuel or chemicals are handled.

The bund provides containment in the event of corrosive or harmful chemicals leaking from the storage tank which should prevent environmental or groundwater contamination and other damage to surrounding equipment or flooring.

Bunds are usually constructed from reinforced concrete, prefabricated steel or plastic. A bund should hold at least 110% of the tank volume (for single storage tanks)  or where there is more than one storage tank, it should hold 110% of the largest tanks volume or 25% of the total tank volume, whichever is the greatest.

What is a bund lining?

Bund linings come in several different materials with different characteristics and application techniques. The objective of a bund lining system is to protect the storage area bund in the event of a leak or spillage.

It is essential for the performance and durability of the bund that the correct bund lining system is selected and our professional team at Prokem can help you get the right bund lining material for your project.

Protective and reliable Bund Lining systems can be required in all types of buildings and other facilities for many different uses. The most common requirements are for the primary and/or secondary containment of oils, wastewater and other aggressive chemicals, plus the containment of any potential pollutants for the prevention of environmental contamination or groundwater pollution.

Bunded containment areas are therefore necessary for almost every type of factory production and process facility today; for example right throughout the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and their fuel storage, delivery and sales outlets to the end user’s own storage tanks that must now also be bunded for secondary containment in the event of a spill.

Equally importantly bunded areas are required throughout the power generation and distribution networks; as well as every stage of the wastewater and sewage collection and treatment plants; plus there can be many similar requirements in many other areas of all types of industrial, commercial, agricultural and leisure facilities.

In other words, today Bund Lining systems can have almost unlimited uses, demands and applications. Firstly they must provide secure, efficient and cost-effective protection against attack and deterioration to the concrete, masonry or steel structures used for the primary and secondary containment of polluting liquids in order to ensure that the containment structures themselves are able to provide the necessary continuous protection of people and the environment against pollution.

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