Bund Lining Standards

Right now there are no European or International Standards, Materials Classifications or performance requirements for Bund Lining Products and Systems.

This is because there are so many different applications and performance requirements, particularly in terms of the different temperatures, different levels of abrasion or trafficking, different chemicals and the mixtures of different chemicals that can be involved, together with the many other specific structural and environmental factors for each different primary or secondary containment and bund lining project.

The responsibility is yours to make full risk assessments and follow all relevant H&SE and Environment Agency Guidelines to protect your staff, customers and the public from harm and to protect the environment, by preventing the release of any harmful materials and pollutants.

Therefore to ensure that your bund lining or chemical containment tank, vessel or area is fit for its specific purpose and that you and your company are not legally and financially at risk in the future, it is essential to take expert independent advice from experienced specialists on the selection of the most appropriate bund lining or chemically resistant protective coating system for each individual project. For specific advice for the right bund linings and protective coating systems for your specific containment areas, please call any of our offices and one of our expert will be pleased to assist you.

Bund Lining System Selection

Bund Lining System Selection and Installation is a complex subject and must not be undertaken lightly. Due to the wide range of potential lining solutions and their equally varied range of performance, durability and costs involved, an independent expert assessment can be of major assistance.

The correct advice at the earliest possible time is an early important factor in making all of the the right decisions, firstly in fully defining the requirements, through selection of the right type and then the best specific Bund Lining system for the project, and also very importantly, finding the right application contractor and ensuring that the selected bund lining system is installed correctly with all necessary onsite Quality Control procedues in place and being followed.

The actual performance, durability and service life of any particular bund lining or containment area protection system installation is dependent on several key factors which include:

- The quality and strength of the substrate, together with the integrity and stability of the bund / containment structure
- The substrate surface condition and its preparation
- Effective detailing of joints, falls, penetrations and coving etc.
- Selection of the right resin bund lining / protective coating products and their specific formulation, plus the system thickness and build-up details and procedures, including Quality Control
- Correct mixing, application and curingprior to exposure
- The actual mechanical and chemical exposure being as anticipated over time
- The actual service temperature and temperature variations being as anticipated over time
- The chemical spillage frequency and cleaning regime in practise
- The visibility, access and maintenance possibilities for the area, together with the operating procedures

All of these factors must be considered and taken into account during the design, installation and operation of bund lining systems and the protection of primary and secondary containment areas, in order to achieve the intended performance and integrity throughout the intended service life. This is also required for a cost effective Bund Lining and protective coating solution – Not just for the lowest cost today, nor just in terms of the cost of the products and the overall installed cost – But for the real cost over the full anticipated service-life and also of course, in terms of preventing the considerable additional costs that could arise from any pollution of the environment, and all of the associated costs from bad publicity and management time that would be diverted from your business.

The bund lining system or protective coating for a containment area should also be considered together with the life cycle costing and maintenance schedule of your plant or facilities, to ensure minimal future downtime and closures, and that any maintenance requirements for the protective system are also defined and can be accommodated in this schedule, for example.

For the best expert help and assistance in selecting the right type of Bund Lining or Containment Area Protective Coating system, with specific advice or guidance for your project – no matter what size, or what your specific performance requirements, please call us and one of our specialists will be pleased to assist you.