Epoxy Floor Coatings

Heavy duty chemical resistant coatings

The flooring of production areas, warehouses and engineering plants often get so much traffic that extra resistant epoxy floor coatings are and essential product for protecting them. This is especially true when taking into consideration the extra wear and tear that floors will get when used by forklift trucks, heavy goods vehicles or other portable heavy machinery.

Here at Prokem we only use specialist industrial floor coatings that guarantee a quality and durable solution for every floor project. We choose the products that we use based on our extensive experience in the industry having applied chemical resistant floor coatings to a variety of business premises for a collective 40 years.

Industry leading epoxy flooring

If you are looking for high quality industrial floor paint for your flooring, our floor coatings will stand up to the roughest handling. Our epoxy floor coatings and paints are highly scratch and fire resistant and have a very high impact resistance. All our floor paint and coatings come in a wide variety of colours to ensure you get the perfect finish.

We have served a variety of industries that each have their own specific set of requirements, whether that be from a health and safety stand point or a functionality stand point. When it comes to installing epoxy flooring we like to understand the day to day necessities of your business and find the most suitable product for your needs. You can contact us today to find out more on 0114 289 9281.