Anti Slip Floor Coatings

The challenges associated with industrial flooring are well known in this litigious age and the responsibilities laid upon the shoulders of the Property Manager are significant.

Prokem offers a wide range of anti-slip flooring systems. The majority of our floor systems are available in a slip-resistant grade.

We can offer anti-slip industrial floors that are chemical resistant and acid resistant as well as oil resistant. They can withstand heavy traffic, abrasion or high temperatures.

Prokem offers a range of products from industrial floor coatings to complete anti-slip flooring systems. No matter which application or what substrate type, we have the answer to your needs.

Features and Benefits

Typical uses include:

Adjustable anti-slip finish
Very good mechanical strength
High abrasion resistance
Seamless structured surface

Fields of Application

Everywhere, indoors and out, in industrial, commercial and domestic spaces where safety is paramount.

Typical uses include:

Ramps (industrial and domestic)
Loading bays, internal and external
Bridges, walkways and other public-access areas
Industrial, commercial
and domestic staircases