Polyfloor P.U. Floor Coating

Description and destination of the product

Polyfloor is a one-pack polyurethane paint, especially designed as floor coating, in view of its high abrasion and chemical resistance. Just as for any other floor paints, the following should be kept in mind:

the type and actual state of the floor

a good impregnation

On which floors:

Adequate substrates for Polyfloor are: concrete, screed, concrete tiles, cement tiles

Surfaces that absorb soil water are inadequate.

Type of binder

One-pack moisture curing polyisocyanate prepolymers.

Type of pigment

Barium sulphate, silicates and iron oxides or other colour pigments.


Grey (± RAL 7038) and oxide red. For larger quantities, all RAL colours are available.


60-70% (Gardner 60°)

Technical data

Density: 1.38 (± 0.05) g/cmÑ

Solids content: 68 (± 3) % in weight

50 (± 3) % in volume

VOC: 431 g/L

Theoretical yield: 4 to 6 mÇ/L for 50 micron dry

The practical yield can largely be influenced by the roughness and porosity of the substrate, the applied layer thickness or the losses by airless application.