Solvent-free coating for industrial floors

Floor coatings

As any good industrial floor coating contractor would advise, coating a floor is easy, coating it well to give a long service life is another matter altogether. Prokem offer an extensive range of products for most industrial  floor coating requirements - and we can also advise on accurate specification and good preparation.

Whatever the requirement, Prokem can offer an ideal solution from our range of primers and top coats to ensure the end user has a floor to be proud of.

Prokem can install a solvent-free moisture curing floor coating that offers a one component alternative to water borne epoxies. It also offers easier application, more consistent cure and better chemical resistance, while maintaining all the advantages of being solvent-free. If a long term coating for bituminous surfaces is required, this is the perfect solution.

Prokem also offer a high build solvent-free coating that can be applied at between 60 microns and 1mm. Choose the floor coating thickness to suit your requirements. Only one product is required, and like all of Prokem's industrial floor coatings, it is available in a slip resistant grade that has its own built-in anti slip character.

For more demanding applications there is an extensive range of high build, self levelling industrial flooring systems available in filled variety or not, depending on what is needed. If elasticity is required, no problem, if high abrasion resistance is required, no problem, whatever the requirement - Prokem have a self leveller available.

Many of these floor coatings have been slowly replacing normally specified materials because of their better adhesion, greater flexibility and ease of application.