Decaflow SL

Industrial resin flooring from Prokem

Decaflow SL is an industrial resin flooring that can be used in a range of environments to offer a hard wearing, impervious and seamless floor finish that is hygienic and easy to clean. A three pack product, Decaflow SL consists of an epoxy resin component, a curing agent and graded filler. 

Industrial Resin Flooring Decaflow SL used in a workshop

Adaptable industrial flooring

Our team at Prokem have experience installing this material in a range of environments, including laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, food preparation areas and electronic assembly factories.

This industrial resin flooring is 2-3mm in thickness and is available in all RAL colours. It offers a strong mechanical and chemical resistance. The product also has a strong adhesion to concrete, making it an excellent choice for premises receiving a first time application.

Prokem are experts in all manner of heavy duty industrial flooring and chemical bunds, with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. We’ll offer you advice on the sort of flooring that is suitable for business needs.

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