Acid Storage Room with Catchment Pit

Location: Saffron Walden, Essex

Product Used: Procote CR

Our team carry out a range of chemical proofing jobs on businesses of all kinds. This room has been turned into an acid storage room complete with a chemical catchment pit. We used a chemical bund on the room first in order to safeguard against any spillages before laying one of our trusted chemical resistant coatings, ProCote CR.

We chose the chemical resistant coating in grey, although many other colours are available. Due to the nature of work that would be carried out in this room, it was also important that we used an anti-slip finish coating. Once cured this is resistant to 96% Sulphuric Acid, 40% Nitric Acid and 37% HCL. The total area was approximately 80 square metres with coving to all walls.

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