Chromic Acid Bund Lining

Protections against acid & other corrosive chemicals

An example of the work completed by Prokem Tuff Linings Ltd in a Chromic Acid Bund. The bund is coated to resist the corrosive chemicals which will be stored in the tank and provide a long-term acid-resistant lining. In this image, you can clearly see the brick pillars used to support the tank protruding from the bund floor. We protected the entire bund and brick pillars with Decavane RC which is a roller coat shrinkage compensated vinyl ester resin based coating system with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

Some of Decavane RC's advantages are

  • Excellent thermal resistance, up to 145°C.
  • Excellent chemical resistance - protects against the majority of acids used in manufacturing processes.
  • Fast curing – usually walk on within 12 hours.

Chromic Acid is just one of the many acidic and corrosive chemicals we supply resistant paint, tiling and linings for. In particular, we have plenty of expertise in protecting bund linings which by their very existence express the need for containing any potential leak or spillage of corrosive chemicals stored within tanks in the bund.

For a full range of the acid and chemical protection systems we provide, please have a look at our Chemical and Acid Resistance Chart.

For more information about bunds and bund linings visit our bund linings information page.

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